Saturday, August 17, 2013

Everything for a reason.....right?

I hate to sound like a downer, yet again, but life has made a turn, not sure the better or the worse. The jist of it is for the last six months I have been having problems with my hip, and it got to be a problem at work where they didn't feel I was safe or fit to fly so they had one of their doctors check me out and was found unfit and unsafe to continiue working on a plane. So my flight attendent days are over. My company gave me 30 days (from Wednesday) to either find another position in the company or resign. Not sure what Im going to do yet. Thankfully until I make my decision or time runs out (which either one comes first) they have alowed me to stay on and do light duty (office work). I have thought about possibly moving back home and going to school. I've looked into jobs in other businesses in different places. I just need to really weigh the pros and cons with each thing and pray about it before making any decision. I did start to think I needed a change in my life but this wasn't the way I planned on it happening. I wasn't completely ready for my flight attendent career to be over but it is. Everything for a reason....right?

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